A Christmas Carol

Classic Dickens ghost story for English language learners

Christmas Carol Teaching Pack

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Before Reading
1. Marley's Ghost (Elementary) * iBooks (iPad version)
2. Marley's Ghost (Intermediate)
Teaching Pack

Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource. My students are not ready to read the original but this is a beautifully written option - clear but faithful to the spirit of the original language - Michelle, Minnesota USA.

Thank you ever so much. I've now accessed your resources and am really pleased with them. They'll really inform my planning. Fantastic!

* * * * Nicola on 23 Nov 2012

Very good, and easy to use

* * * * Elizabeth ter Haseborg on 26 Nov 2011

Great product! I loved the instant download feature. I put it to immediate use in my class.
* * * * Julie Prommasit on 08 Dec 2011
This version really helped my ESL students and my lower level readers understand and enjoy the story! The vocabulary that accompanied the story was very useful.

Listen to BBC Audio reading of original text: Stave 1
Read original text:
Stave 1Part 1 of classic (24 minute) animated film version
Stave 1 (elem) iBooks (iPad version)

Who is the Christmas Carol Teaching Pack aimed at?
  • English language learners
  • GCSE English Language students
  • Reluctant readers
  • Younger learners

Why are graded versions easier to read?
  • Text condensed to that essential to central story
  • Increased use of line space, paragraph breaks etc.
  • Minor simplification of grammar & syntax
  • Vocabulary streamlined
  • Sentences & paragraphs
  • Focus on the narrative

How close is graded text to the original?
Very close. Direct quotations remain in the original form - can be used in essays etc.
CEF English language level: C1

How has written/edited the materials?
Kieran McGovern is 'one of the leading writers of language learner materials.

How can I use the materials with my class?
Christmas Carol Teaching Pack has many suggestions, resources & activities.

Learning activities* * Crossword * Characters * Vocabulary

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